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Genocare India

Pioneers in Molecular Diagnostics

Genocare India is one of the pioneers in Molecular Diagnostics with core competence in Real Time PCR technology and NGS platform.

gXtract 32 Nucleic Acid Purification System

32 Samples in just 29 minutes

This product adopts stepper motor and achieves precision transmission through the single- chip microcomputer control, so as to automatically complete the nucleic acid purification process of magnetic separation process. It is compact, light weight, low noise, complete closure of working area; The transparent working chamber is easy to observe the working condition.

Large touch screen, elegant appearance and easy to operate. It has perfect protection function, door opening protection, ultra-limit position protection and alarm, which is more safe and reliable. It can be used to extract DNA, RNA and mRNA from whole blood, cells and tissues, saving time and effort.

gXtract 96 Nucleic Acid Purification System

96 Samples in just 29 minutes.

gXtract 96 Nucleic Acid Purification system can perform 96 samples in just 29 minutes. The gXtract Nucleic Acid Kits can be used for the extraction of NA from Swab, Serum, Plasma, Whole blood, dried blood, etc. The eluted NA can be used for Viral load detection as well as for any downstream assays.

AriaDNA Real-time PCR

With MicroChip

The possibility of performing fast PCR in miniaturized volumes has attracted attention of industries and academics to carry out cost-effective high throughput testing and screening. The new advanced AriaDNA real-time PCR system provides fast and easy-to-use microchip based nucleic acids analysis. The low volume per analysis (1.0–3.6 μl) together with the extremely fast heating and cooling device shortens analysis time by threefold and costs per analysis is significant reduced. The technology also allows the existing PCR applications to be easily adapted to it.

Electronic Pipette


1.Wide volume range 0.1ul~10,000ul 2.With complex menu but switch easily 3.6 Preprograms (self programing available) 4.Extreme accuracy. INternal auto-calibration 5.Ergonmic design, exquisite and light, comfortable grasping

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Genocare is proud to launch gXtract Nucleic Acid Purification System.

gXtract Nucleic Acid Purification System